RDPhoney Honeypot


The default deployment model uses Docker and Docker Compose to deploy containers for the project's tools, and so, require the following:

  • Docker >= 1.13.1
  • Docker Compose >= 1.15.0

Please ensure the user on the system installing the honeypot is in the local docker group

Please see your system documentation for adding a user to the docker group.

Important Note!

The env files, as well as the docker-compose.yml files below are intended to help you understand the various options. While they may serve as a basis for users with advanced deployment needs, most users should default to the configuration files provided by the deployment scripts in the CHN web interface.

Example rdphoney docker-compose.yml

version: '3'
        image: stingar/rdphoney:1.9.1
        restart: always
            - configs:/etc/rdphoney
            - "3389:3389"
            - rdphoney.env

Example rdphoney.env file

Prior to starting, RDPhoney will parse some options from rdphoney.env. The following is an example config file:

# This can be modified to change the default setup of the unattended installation


# IP Address of the honeypot
# Leaving this blank will default to the docker container IP

# CHN Server api to register to

# Server to stream data to

# Deploy key from the FEEDS_SERVER administrator
# This is a REQUIRED value

# Registration information file
# If running in a container, this needs to persist

# Comma separated tags for honeypot

Configuration Options

The following options are supported in the /etc/default/rdphoney file:

  • DEBUG: (boolean) Enable more verbose output to the console
  • IP_ADDRESS: IP address of the host running the honeypot container
  • CHN_SERVER: (string) The URL of the CHN Server used to register honeypot.
  • FEEDS_SERVER: (string) The hostname or IP address of the HPFeeds server to send logged events. This will likely be the CHN management server.
  • FEEDS_SERVER_PORT: (integer) The HPFeeds port. Default is 10000.
  • DEPLOY_KEY: (string; REQUIRED) The deploy key provided by the feeds server administration for registration during the first startup. This key is required for registration.
  • RDPHONEY_JSON: (string) The location to store the registration information returned from the HPFeeds server.
  • TAGS: (string) Comma delimited string for honeypot-specific tags. Tags must be separated by a comma to be parsed properly. TAGS string must be enclosed in double quotes if string contains spaces.


RDPhoney is licensed under the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2.1